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I am one year older and that suck.
Gab threats me like a stupid porcelain doll or a fucking housekeeper and that pisses me off.The blue eyed idiot doesn't get out of my head and is utterly annoying.
My so called friend doesn't mind her own business and makes me want to kill her in violent way.
All those things are no good.
But apart of not seing Manu for a while, I have no clue on how to solve the rest.
I am trying to speak to Gab and there's always this big hard wall whom sometimes I just don't have the will to climb.
I know he has his own issues but that can't blamed on me all the time.
Anything I say, I put pressure on him or at least that's what he says, so I am meant to sit on my pretty ass and wait.
That's just not me. I am sorry, I can't do that. I have to move, to do things cause if not my head is gonna eat me up and no thanks I won't go into the whole bring Lucy back thing again.

The blue eyed idiot is indeed an idiot.
I hate him just as much I want to fuck his brains out and forget him. There's no way in hell he's gonna win this game!
I feel totally childish but that's not the way things where supposed to go. He can't kiss me and get away with that and anyways what's the point? Are we three years old?
Sometimes it's almost pathetic the way he kinda of beg my attentions, saying the most idiotic things, touching me... but in the end nothing, eyes on the ground and mubled excuses...
It's not fucking kindergarten! Want to get in to my pants? do it and get lost, ain't that easy?
Not being the one who pulls the strings it's unbearable.I am the master of fucking puppets!!!
Ok I feel better now that I've spat it out loud. May be the damn pain killer has done its job and had some effect on my horrible mood too.
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